about the brand

Pure organic and authentic Thai are the two pillars of PureThai.
Our identity

PureThai is a Belgian company specialized in wellness products and Buddhistic items imported from Thailand.


Dedicated to the world of Wellness and Meditation, PureThai offers a great variety of products and equipment for any professional.

Why Organic?

From our herbal balls to our furniture: you can touch, smell, and feel a pure connection to nature itself.

Why Thai?

Thai products are made employing traditional methods and styles, with love and dedication to the elements of nature.

"Where spirituality is very intense but still prudent the love of creation is remarkable."


PureThai is a Belgian company. We sell wellness and buddhistic products which we import directly from Thailand. The company started selling to wholesale customers only. All of our products on our website are indicated with their retail price. Since a wholesale price is relative to a specific quantity of products upon request, therefore contact us and ask for a wholesale price along with more information about how to order. Dedicated in the world of Wellness and Meditation, PureThai offers a great variety of products and equipment for any professional. From small businesses to big organizations and events, we can provide you all necessary tools to make your company more elegant, pure, authentic Thai.

Homeware, thai costumes and decorative objects, you may find them all here! Our furniture and Thai wooden artworks are a must for a modern house and a serious furniture shop. We don't have it? You can order it. We can bring it! From the famous Wangphrom balm to our 100% organic herbal balls and our natural massage oil in PureThai we have them all. From yoga mats to meditation benches along with pillows and incense in PureThai you can find a wide variety of Zen products. Our Buddha statues represent calmness and tradition. Our traditional Thai garlands and bells portray spirituality. Explore our items now! Thai experienced craftsmen have created handmade products, with love for art by following traditional patterns and creating modern trends. Order now and receive your goods immediately with our fast delivery service. For orders within Belgium, The Netherlands (till Amsterdam) and Germany (Western only).


High quality and the best price makes the difference in the world of commerce. Thai products are created using traditional methods and styles, always with love and dedication to the elements of nature. Thailand, a sunny country where you can find friendly and cheerful people, is one of the best places where a product becomes a piece of art. In this intrinsically religious land, peace and balance are the basic pillars of its people. Pillars that reinforce nature and that support the impeccable environment for contemplation and creativity, can only have one outcome: authenticity with respect for the laws of nature and human values. As a result, Thai products are always made with organic materials by high-quality standards.

Even though spirituality in Thailand is very intense but still prudent, the love for creation is remarkable. Maybe this obsession for highly detailed and naturally crafted goods, is a statement by the Thai craftsmen from a strong religious belief. Or perhaps a passion nourished by the perfection of nature that gives them the inspiration of excellence in every part of production. Still the craftsmen will not distinguish a commercial and a non-commercial product, since something made with love will always look like a transcendence to something divine, demystifying the perfection of nature.

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