These elegegant PureThai meditation benches are handmade in the north of Thailand. they have an egonomically moulded seat and will help you sit perfectly in peace & quiet for longer periods of meditation stillness. They have an ergonomically contoured smooth-edges seat. These sturdy, non-folding meditation benches are made of solid Acacia hardwood and has no upholstery. The legs on this bench are fixed in the upright position for a simple and beautiful style. An ideal meditation bench for your regular meditation spot at home or in a studio, to practice your daily dose of peace & quiet. This meditation stool has solid fixed legs and is suitable for all styles of sitting meditation and mindfulness. If you prefer the simple elegance of a wooden bench, our PureThai Hardwood Bench will certainly suit you. A meditation bench is by far the best solution for people who don’t find it comfortable sitting in cross legged position and they prefer seiza sitting posture (with your knees forward and your feet backwards).