meditation pillows
The PureThai cushions are handmade in the North East of Thailand. Our Thai pillows have a colourful fabric designs, and are kapok filled to ensure long lasting firmness. To make sure that the cushions remain in shape and serve their purpose, they are stitched and stuffed in a simple manner. They consist of small triangles, each supporting and bracing the others. Most common and typical among Thai pillows and cushions is the mon khwan, triangular shape cushion it is a supportive cushion for those sitting on the floor. Thai pillows have been used for centuries in Thailand. It represents in many forms while the triangular shape is the most popular compose with the excellent benefit to rest your head and back. Pure: The PureThai meditation pillows are stuffed with new organic kapok. Kapok is a cotton-like fibre that comes from the giant pods of the kapok tree. It’s very soft and has a yellow luster. Kapok is hypo-allergenic, resistant to compressing, repells insects, resistant to mold and mildew and it’s 100% organic. Kapok is impervious to water. Our Thai pillowmakers have used Siamese kapok for centuries in producing their pillowry. The raw kapok fiber is then directly used for pillowry. There is no chemical treatment of the kapok and no chemical additives. The kapok used in Thai pillowry is organic. Rice straw is the traditional backbone of good quality Thai triangle pillows. These pillows are built to be hard and durable. Why Thai pillows: Thai meditation pillows, mats and mattresses can be used for many reasons-sleeping, playing, relaxing, massage, yoga and meditation. Thai masseuses have used Thai mats/mattresses to practice the art of Thai massage for centuries. The meditation pillows are often used in temples, meditation and yoga centers. The PureThai meditation pillows will last many years, sometimes a life time depending on use