Thai Monks

thai monks
Handmade Thai monks by professional artisans of Phitsanulok, Thailand. Made by different artisans and they are unique. Those Thai monks are now rare and hard to find. They are costly and mostly preserved in museums. Many Thai have in their house a picture of a Buddha and often a statue or images from a famous monk with a big meaning. The images of Thai monks are handmade artworks in wax and fiberglass. The production process is complicated and all done by hand. It’s really hard, it takes a long time, a lot of work and with special tools and equipment the statues are given a real look and a natural appereance. Carefully the statues will be provided with hair, birthmarks, nails and other details. PureThai imports high quality wax and fiberglass statues which can maintain their life-like looks in everyone’s home or business. They are also less susceptible to high temperature.