Herbal Balm

herbal balm
This pleasant, analgesic cold balm is made with Thai natural herbs from which, swellings, nausea, stiffness, inflammatory processes and general pain relief. It’s the ‘must have’ for massage to relax and works against stress. The smell of lemongrass will give you a refreshing feeling. Handmade balms are very popular, mainly due to the product’s high quality, uniqueness and health-improving properties. You won’t find any of our original, high quality Thai massage products back home at your local pharmacy. herbal balm People using this balm will experience a fresh cool and intense feeling. This balm is recommend by Muscle pain tension relief, stress.herbal balm Pain to foot and legs, headache and stomach problems. This balm is recommend by Muscle pain tension relief Muscle strain Muscle Pain relief These herbs which help relieve muscular aches and pains, soothe tired muscles, increase blood circulation . Cool down and relaxes muscles and skin after working out and help to relax during massage .