Self-Massage tool for shoulder and back


This is a real masterpiece to treat yourself.

You don’t need to study or being a professional massage therapist to handle this self-massage tool.

This tool is ideal for massaging your back-shoulder or any other body part because it is ergonomically designed to find easy and on a handy way to reach the affected muscle group.

It’s for easy manipulation to press pressure points during reflexology on muscle stimulation for feet, legs, back, hands and arms. This is great especially for beginners to do self massage to give a very relaxing and rejuvenating treatment for you or your loved one in just minutes.

Stimulate the internal organs of the body and circulation of blood.

Features and Benefits:

  • This massagetool can be used on the back, shoulder and legs
  • Easy to work with
  • It gently stretch the muscle and helps it loosen tight areas and release tension
  • Ideal for self-massage
  • This tool is made of 100% high-quality, all-natural Thai palmwood which is strong, durable and non-toxic

This amazing tool is made for self-massage but you can also use it on a friend or clients.

Made from stainless steel and the handle is made from coconut wood.

Handmade in the north of Thailand.


  • 40 x 18 x 3 cm

This product is sold per 1 piece

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When you have a blocked shoulder after too much stress or heavy working out? Use the self-massage stick with the trigger point. You can a just yourself the power on the pain and with small moves take the tension out!

When you work with this tool you will relieve pain and stress. By stimulate the knotted trigger points you will be able to help yourself!

Normally the massage therapist will treat you on the affected trigger point by the necessary pressure. With this tool you can do it yourself, it will increases the blood circulation to the muscles allowing them to heal and function again step by step.

Easy to use this self-massage, grab it at the handle. Place the hook with the trigger-point piece on the sore and painfull muscle. Feel if you have the right spot by checking when you apply a bit pressure. Do not use it on the bone or in the neck! If you find the right knotted spot apply slight pressure and by giving the pressure you will stimulate the muscle.

You can repeat this a few times and move the tool in small steps over the muscle.

We recommend you to use the tool on your back and shoulders. It is also possible to treat your legs, arms, or feet. Muscles are connected so you will feel the pain and you look with the trigger-point from the hook where you can stimulate the muscles and if you feel progress.

The book Medicine from Thailand is thoroughly indicative about the treatment of many diseases.

Reflexology foot massage is widespread in Thailand to treat illness .


After massage clean the wooden massage tool with warm water and soft soap. Dry it and condition it with a small amount of massage oil.

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