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PureThai is part of Realife BVBA.


PureThai is a wholesale supplier and offers its services B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer).

Please note the different terms and conditions concerning trial period and right of withdrawal applicable for B2B orders as they are different to those applicable for B2C orders.

PureThai does not use trial periods, nor apply the right of withdrawal, for professional B2B buyers, and B2B buyers cannot return products without a valid reason approved by PURETHAI (Realife BVBA).

Concerning B2C orders, different terms and conditions apply than for B2B orders, as they fall under the consumer protection code of 2014 as stated and described below in ARTICLE 10.


Therefore, we ask you to read the following terms and conditions thoroughly before ordering.


Terms and conditions of PURETHAI (Realife BVBA), established in DEURNE (Belgium). The following terms and conditions apply to the e-shop www.purethai.be


Article 1 – General terms

The application of these terms and conditions shall be used as follows:


  1. Terms and conditions: the general conditions described below
  2. The supplier: PURETHAI, part of Realife BVBA with VAT number 0641 704 389, DEURNE - BELGIUM
  3. The buyer: the contracting party (the customer) of the supplier is divided into two possible parties:

1) The consumer, private individual or end user is not acting in the exercise of a trade or profession; the abbreviation B2C (business to consumer) is used.

2) Professionals and businesses, a party who is a natural person or legal entity and acting in the exercise of a business or profession; the abbreviation B2B (business to business) is used.

  1. Order: Between the supplier and the buyer. The agreement relating to the purchase of goods by the buyer.
  2. Goods: The products offered for sale by the supplier.


Article 2 - Applicability of the general conditions:

The present general conditions, with the exclusion of any other terms and conditions, apply to all offers, orders and agreements. Deviations from these conditions are only valid if explicitly agreed to as such in writing between PURETHAI (Realife BVBA) and the buyer. The buyer agrees that the applicability of other (purchase) conditions are hereby excluded. Subject conditions are an integral part of the agreement, and are also applicable to all quotations from the supplier.


Article 3 - Quotations and Promotions

  1. All quotations are non-committal. The supplier shall be bound until an order is accepted by him in writing or has commenced with the execution and / or delivery of the order. Deviations from written confirmation of an order bind the supplier only after it has also been confirmed in writing.
  2. The supplier always has the right to refuse an order in whole or in part without giving any notification or reason, which exempts the supplier from any liability for compensation of the order. The provisions of this clause also apply if a buyer has previously purchased products from suppliers.
  3. Any later additions and / or amendments or (verbal) commitments made by us or our employees, representatives, agents or other intermediaries are only binding if confirmed in writing by an authorized person.
  4. In the event of deliveries of orders, for which no quotation or order confirmation is sent due to their nature or size, the dispatch note and / or invoice will be considered as the order confirmation, which will reflect the agreement correctly and completely.


Article 4 - Price

  1. The prices presented on the quotations and the e-shop exclude sales tax, transport costs, and possible insurance.
  2. The offered prices are only valid for the quantities offered.
  3. Prices in the PURETHAI (www.purethai.be) e-shop may differ from the current showroom price or quotation price, as the website is based on a different cost structure. Differences in price are therefore not comparable, nor can they be settled.
  4. The prices presented in the e-shop are binding, excluding price changes.


Article 5 - Payment

The prices mentioned on the website are in Euro, including 21% VAT and excluding shipping costs and / or possible customs clearance.

The shipping cost is charged in the cart and the checkout pages once the delivery method is selected.

Any possible customs duties and taxes for orders delivered outside the EU may be paid upon delivery, according to local customs clearance. Therefore, the customer is not charged during the checkout process.

The buyer is able to pay through the following options:

Payment can be made through (one of) the method (s) indicated during the online ordering process. After placing an order and / or payment, the buyer will instantly receive a confirmation email from info@purethai.be stating the total cost, including shipping costs.


Payment to the e-shop of www.purethai.be is can be executed choosing from the options that are listed in the ordering process. The options are the following:

  1. Bancontact / Mister Cash: using the online checkout of Mollie.nl
  2. MasterCard / Visa proceed: using the online checkout of Mollie.nl
  3. IDEAL: If you use online banking with ABN AMRO, BNP Paribas Fortis, ING, Rabobank or SNS Bank, you can pay directly via iDEAL, which allows you to pay quickly and easily using the familiar online banking environment of your own bank. Electronic payment online is similar to paying with a Debit card in a shop.
  4. PayPal: Pay by credit card through PayPal. No PayPal account is required, you can process your payment immediately. PayPal ensures a secure and smooth online payment, which allows you to pay easily and free of charge at home or abroad with a bank account.
  5. Direct and online payment using credit or a voucher issued by PURETHAI (Realife BVBA): Credit or a voucher issued by PURETHAI (Realife BVBA) is not transferable and is valid until one year after issue. Should the credit amount exceed your order cost, you will receive a newly issued credit for the amount of the remaining balance via email.
  6. Payment upon pick-up: you can pay cash or by debit card / online banking when picking up your goods. We accept cash and all major credit cards.
  7. Payment by bank transfer: the buyer must pay the invoice within 30 days of placing the order. Further (payment / order) conditions may be applicable to the order of a buyer.

Via bank transfer to:



Muggenberglei 24


IBAN BE90 3631 5364 7232


PURETHAI (Realife BVBA) will deliver the goods / order after full payment is received. The delivery period starts when PURETHAI (Realife BVBA) receives full payment of the order.


  1. If the buyer does not pay within this given time, he will be charged the interest equal to 2% on the outstanding amount per month or part of a month without further notice. Possible judicial and extrajudicial costs will be charged to the buyer. The extrajudicial collection costs amount to at least 15% in Belgium and abroad 20% of the initial amount owed by the buyer, with a minimum of € 150.00 (one hundred fifty euro) added to the statutory interest on the invoice amount, which will be calculated as of thirty days of the invoice date.
  2. If the buyer does not pay in a timely manner, the supplier has the right to suspend further execution of the order and / or delivery until the buyer has fulfilled its payment obligations. If the buyer has not fulfilled its obligation within a period stated in writing by the supplier, the supplier also has the right to terminate the agreement in writing, without judicial intervention.


  1. Any payment by the buyer serves primarily to redeem the interest owed, as well as the collection costs incurred by the supplier.




The buyer (B2B) can request an intra-Community delivery with exemption of Belgian VAT from PURETHAI (Realife BVBA). PURETHAI (Realife BVBA) will only agree to this if the following conditions are met:


  1. The other party is a trader within the European Community under the Turnover Tax Act 1968 and the goods were purchased as such;
  2. The (international) VAT number specified by the other party is registered in the file of valid international VAT numbers of the Belgian tax authorities, and the ascription thereof is consistent with the name provided by the other party to PURETHAI (Realife BVBA);
  3. It is certain that the goods sold are actually transferred to another Member State and are received there by or on behalf of the other party;
  4. All other requirements are met under the Sales Tax Act 1968 applying to the exemption for intra-Community deliveries.
  5. PURETHAI (Realife BVBA) remains authorized without giving reasons to the other party to charge VAT on the purchase price with each delivery of goods, even if the other party has made the aforementioned request.



Article 7. Retention

The delivered goods remain property of the supplier until the supplier receives full payment due by the buyer of the delivered goods, provided that the buyer accepts liability and risk as of the moment the buyer receives the goods delivered by the supplier.

The buyer is not entitled to sell the goods which are not yet paid or fully paid, nor claim a lien over or to handle said goods.


Article 8 - Delivery

  1. Upon receipt of the order you will immediately receive an email confirming the order. Once the due amount is paid to the account of the supplier, he shall send the ordered goods within 5 working days.
  2. The delivery times stated by the supplier will never be regarded as a deadline, unless expressly agreed otherwise. In case of a delayed delivery the supplier will therefore be held in default should the buyer insist on a dissolution.
  3. If the delivery time is exceeded, the buyer has no right whatsoever to compensation of any kind, nor the right to non-fulfilment of any commitment of the buyer to the supplier.
  4. If the ordered goods cannot be delivered within the abovementioned time, PURETHAI (Realife BVBA) will contact you by phone and / or email. This will be done within a reasonable time and within 7 days after ordering the goods.


Article 9 - Dissatisfaction / complaints B2B

Any possible complaints are considered by the supplier if the supplier receives them in writing within five days after delivery.

If the complaint is upheld, the discretion of the supplier will either restore the defect item, replace the item, or reimburse the net invoice amount.

Please note that complaints or disagreements about invoices must be submitted in writing to the supplier within five days after the date of the invoices.

PURETHAI (Realife BVBA) shall reimburse the purchase price as soon as possible after receiving the returned goods. PURETHAI (Realife BVBA) reserves the right either to refuse returned goods, or reimburse only a fraction of the amount paid, if the product has been used, if the product is damaged as a result of misuse or if the goods are not returned in original packaging.

If the buyer fails to submit a written complaint to the supplier within five days after delivery, i.e. the date of the invoice, the buyer is deemed to have accepted the delivery according to the respective invoices, in which case complaints are no longer handled by the supplier.

Submitting complaints does not exempt the buyer from any responsibilities ensuing the contract with the supplier.

Transport of fragile statues such as wax monks, clothing, but also consumable goods, such as incense, massage oils, herbal compresses, and herbal balm, cannot be exchanged or returned. Should your order arrive damaged, you must report it to the supplier within the same day of delivery. If your order is incomplete, you must notify PURETHAI (Realife BVBA) in writing WITHIN 2 DAYS after delivery.


Deviations in product descriptions (such as weights and / or sizes) of the ordered goods will never be grounds for cancellation of the order. This also applies to colour-based deviations, since colours may differ from the delivered goods, despite the fact that we use a studio photographer who works with natural light.


Returns must be sent to the following address:




Muggenberglei 24, 2100 DEURNE



The aforementioned return policy applies exclusively to businesses (B2B). The individual or end consumer (B2C) can find more information regarding questions about return options in Article 10 below.


Article 10 - Right to return B2C

This article applies to the consumer, individual or end user, i.e. he / she is a natural person and not acting in the exercise of a trade or profession; the abbreviation B2C (business to consumer) is used (see Article 1 C.1).

In the context of the Consumer Rights Directive of 2011, the consumer is entitled to a "cooling off period" when purchasing goods over the Internet. PURETHAI (Realife BVBA) applies the statutory cooling-off period of 14 calendar days after delivery of the goods. Within this period, the goods may be returned without giving a reason, provided the buyer accepts the shipping expenses for the return. If an order is refused instantly at the moment of delivery by the consumer, PURETHAI (Realife BVBA) assumes all (shipping) expenses.


If you've changed your mind about a purchase from our website www.purethai.be and you wish to return the goods, please do so as soon as possible after receipt of the goods.

We kindly ask you to confirm the reason for a return in writing via email to info@purethai.be.

Since shipping is always at the expense and risk of the sender, the goods must be properly packaged and shipping expenses prepaid. If the returned goods are complete, in original packaging, and unused, we will reimburse the paid purchase price within 30 days to your account. In order to ensure a fast processing of the return, we recommend you to attach a copy of the purchase invoice along with the returned goods. Send us an email with the subject 'cancellation', further providing us with your name, address and bank account number, as well as a description and number of the goods purchased. Without this information we are sorry to inform you that we cannot process your return.


Following goods cannot be returned under any circumstances:

▪ Goods that are either used, soiled, damaged, or incomplete

▪ Goods of which the package has been (partially) opened

▪ Goods that were custom-made for the buyer or from a private label

▪ Goods that cannot be returned due to their nature


The aforementioned return policy applies exclusively to individuals. B2B companies can find more information for questions concerning return options in Article 9.


Returns must be made to the following address:



Muggenberglei 24, 2100 DEURNE



Information about returns, as well as the return form, can be requested at

info@purethai.be. For more information you can always contact our customer service:



+32 (0) 479 59 95 73





Article 11 - Transportation and shipping costs

  1. The transport of all goods related to the order, are at the expense and risk of the buyer, even if it is otherwise stated on the purchase invoice. Optional insurance can be provided at the request of the buyer.
  2. Returns are only accepted by the supplier if he has given prior consent, and if the return is prepaid by the buyer.
  3. We are entitled to add an additional cost to orders for goods with a low invoice value.
  4. For orders outside the EU the payment of duties and taxes are typically the responsibility of the receiver upon delivery. 


We apply the following shipping costs:









United Kingdom

Rest of EU

Packages till 2kg

€ 4.20


€ 6.42

€ 13.86

€ 6.47

€ 6.42

€ 9.44

€ 14

Packages 2-10kg

€ 4.35

€ 10.65

€ 6.92

€ 18.82

€ 7.90

€ 6.92

€ 11.57

€ 19

Packages 10-20kg


€ 16.27

€ 7.92

€ 25.69

€ 9.89

€ 7.92

€ 15.42

€ 26

Packages 20-30kg


€ 17.95

€ 8.92

€ 34.37

€ 12.40

€ 8.92

€ 19.41

€ 35

Packages 30-50kg


€ 48.60

€ 45

€ 50

€ 45

€ 45

€ 48.60

€ 50



  1. PURETHAI (Realife BVBA) charges shipping costs from € 4.20 per kilo.
  2. Goods that differ in terms of volume and weight, cannot be shipped within the current standard shipping protocol.
  3. Free shipping is offered at a minimum purchase of € 75 within the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Pallet shipments from € 1,200 upwards will be sent free of charge, excluding any additional insurance.


  1. PURETHAI (Realife BVBA) charges shipping costs from € 9.44 per kilo to the UK, Ireland and Scotland. Goods that differ in terms of volume and weight cannot be shipped within the current standard shipping protocol. Packaged goods of minimum € 350 will be shipped free of charge, as well as goods in pallet of minimum €1,500, excluding any additional insurance. PURETHAI (Realife BVBA) is a wholesale supplier who undertakes the shipping of goods using reliable and respected carriers. These carriers will deliver your order during office hours (between 8 A.M. and 6 P.M.) and do not make deliveries during evenings. When ordering your goods, we recommend that you enter an address where someone is present during office hours for the receipt of the order. If you know that you will not be home on the day of delivery, please provide us with a different address. Our carrier, DHL, will deliver your package two more times to the same address in case of absence.


Article 12 - Force Majeure

  1. If the supplier is unable to execute the standard order due to force majeure, he is entitled to either complete the contract at a later date, or fully / in part dissolve said contract without any judicial intervention. Force majeure is considered injudicious use of the delivered goods at the discretion of the supplier, strike, excessive absenteeism of staff, transport difficulties, fire, government measures, cessation of production by other suppliers, or changes due to supply issues. In the latter case, the supplier is entitled to deliver the adjusted goods if the changes to the goods are only considered minor deviations from the originally proffered content, in which case it is always at discretion of the supplier.
  2. In case of dissolution (as mentioned under clause 12a.) the buyer is considered to uphold the arrangement of the available goods of the order and remunerate the purchase price respectively.
  3. If the supplier, due to force majeure, must undergo additional costs for the accomplishment of the order, he has the right to charge said additional costs to the buyer.


Article 13 - Liability

  1. In the event of either a delayed, faulty, or no delivery of the goods, including malfunction or defect of the delivered goods, the buyer is not entitled to the right of reimbursement and / or dissolution, provided this is due to force majeure.
  2. The counterparty shall indemnify the supplier against all liability that could occur on supplier as to a third party concerning the goods delivered by the supplier. The supplier assumes no liability for returns from third parties, specifically from distributors and other resellers of supplier’s products, on any basis whatsoever and particularly on the basis of product liability.
  3. Goods purchased from PURETHAI (Realife BVBA) that are lost during shipment for which the supplier is not responsible, will not be replaced or reimbursed. This measure does not apply if the loss is evidently due to negligence of PURETHAI (Realife BVBA). In the event the supplier can prove that you have not correctly completed the shipping information, upon reception of the returned delivery, the supplier shall not be held responsible for said delivery and will not refund the shipping cost. Should you still wish to receive the delivery once more, you shall be held responsible for the reshipping costs.


Article 14 - Warranty

  1. The supplier provides no warranty on the delivered goods, unless expressly agreed in writing with the supplier.
  2. In the event that warranty is provided by the supplier, said warranty will expire if it is not applicable to goods due to their intended purpose.
  3. In the case of improper or incorrect use, incompliance with user instructions, improper repairs or changes, or if numbers or seals have been maimed or removed from goods.
  4. If a warranty has been issued by the supplier, said warranty is valid during the number of months any warranty has been provided by the manufacturer of the goods, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing. However, in any case, the warranty period amounts to no more than six months.
  5. In the event the buyer wishes to rely on the warranty, the buyer should expressly request said warranty in writing to the supplier within eight days of discovering the defects. The goods should be left unaltered by the buyer after filing the complaints until the supplier has investigated the complaints.
  6. If a warranty is provided by the supplier, concerning goods delivered outside of Belgium, the supplier can only be held liable for the costs of reparation or replacement, which will amount to a maximum of the costs that would have been incurred in Belgium.
  7. The buyer must inspect the goods delivered by the supplier upon delivery. The buyer shall be deemed to have received the goods following the agreement, free of defects, and in good condition, unless the buyer notifies the supplier in writing of possible defects, within fourteen days upon delivery of the goods delivered by the supplier.
  8. The buyer guarantees the supplier against all liability that could occur on supplier as to a third party concerning the goods delivered by the supplier.
  9. PURETHAI (Realife BVBA) guarantees that the delivered goods are genuine and comply with the specifications stated in the offer, excluding any colour differences. Defects arising as a result of normal wear and tear, or which are due to significant irresponsibility of the buyer are not covered by the warranty.


Article 15 - Copyright

The website of PURETHAI (Realife BVBA), has been compiled and designed with the greatest care.

If you encounter any problems on our site, please let us know by sending an e-mail. We will do our utmost to solve the problem as soon as possible.

PURETHAI (Realife BVBA) refuses liability for issues arising from the use of the website, or information provided by the website, be it incomplete or in any way whatsoever.

This website contains links to third party websites and PURETHAI (Realife BVBA) is not liable for damages caused by the use of third party websites.

All rights, including all intellectual property rights of all content, information and images, on the website) remain reserved at all times to PURETHAI (Realife BVBA) or its licensors. Use thereof is prohibited without the prior written consent of PURETHAI (Realife BVBA) or its licensors. This can be requested by sending an e-mail.


Article 16 - Privacy

PURETHAI (Realife BVBA) agrees to use your personal data exclusively for the execution of the concluded agreement, to which you have agreed through placing your order, as well as to send you non-committal information about PURETHAI (Realife BVBA). Should you like to receive such information via e-mail, we kindly ask you to provide us with your e-mail address.

We regard your data as confidential and will never pass on, rent or sell personal data to third parties. Personal data registered in the client list of PURETHAI (Realife BVBA) can be requested, corrected, changed or deleted at any time. In addition, you can refuse PURETHAI (Realife BVBA) the right to use your personal data to send you information, in which case you can e-mail (info@purethai.be), or write your request to the following address: PURETHAI (Realife BVBA), Muggenberglei 24, 2100 DEURNE, BELGIUM.

The buyer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his login data and the use of his password, which is saved as an encrypted password, therefore PURETHAI (Realife BVBA) has no access to your password.

PURETHAI (Realife BVBA) strictly respects the Belgian law of December 8, 1992 regarding the protection of privacy in the processing of personal data.


Article 17 - Dissolution

If the buyer does not (partially, fully, timely, or adequately) fulfil one or more responsibilities, is declared bankrupt, or requests (provisional) suspension of payment or debt restructuring, proceeds to liquidate its assets, or when its assets are fully or partially repossessed, PURETHAI (Realife BVBA) has the right to suspend the execution of the agreement or to dissolve the contract in whole or in part, without being obliged to provide a written statement to the Buyer. In aforementioned cases, PURETHAI (Realife BVBA) is entitled to compensation of costs, damages and interest.

In these cases, all dues payable by the Buyer are or will be claimed immediately by PURETHAI (Realife BVBA), without any further notice.


Article 18 - Evidence

In case of any dispute, the records in the administration of the supplier will be conclusive, subject to counterproof.


Article 19 - Applicable law

All agreements are governed by Belgian law.

This website is in its entirety, including the naming, design, layout, and text, copyrighted. No part of this site may be used without permission of PURETHAI (Realife BVBA) for other websites and / or for other purposes.


Article 20 – Disputes

The Belgian law is applied in case of any disputes, as such, the Belgian courts of law have final jurisdiction.


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